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Bay Area Baracus rugby was founded in 2001 based on a commitment to Community, Camaraderie and Competition (roughly in that order.) From that inaugural season Baracus has maintained a team culture that emphasizes excellence on the field, but not at the expense of good times.
Fitness and athleticism are essential to the club as we seek to compete in one of the toughest second divisions in the country, but equally important is a commitment to not taking ourselves too seriously.  After all, we’re a team from San Francisco that is named after a character from The A-Team. It is our collective responsibility to be accepting of every potential athlete that wanders into our training (as long as he is willing to shut up and run sprints!).
After 20 years as a club, and despite almost all of the founding generation having hung up their boots, the assorted characters that make up the Bay Area Baracus remain committed to our values, to each other and to the knowledge that they compete on Saturdays representing the entire community of Baracus.

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Why play for Baracus?

There are several reasons why every rugger in San Francisco should play for Baracus, but we have distilled it down to our 3 Core Values -  Community, Camraderie, and Competition.  Baracus maintains an ideal balance in all those areas, making for a Rugby experience with unparalleled fraternity, both on and off the pitch.

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We build a community through our hard work and preparation on the field and the gym, as well as through our robust social network.  We also partner with youth organizations and other Rugby organizations in the community at large.

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We lay it all out for each other on the pitch, and at the pub.  When you join Baracus you instantly get 60+ new brothers. Our new Gym/Lounge offers a private space to do some 12 ounce curls and watch some Rugby on TV.

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D2 Rugby in Northern California is like D1 anywhere else.  But year after year we continue to compete.  Our pro coaching and the addition of a D3 Team ensures that all players get the chance to compete.

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We Are Baracus, 

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