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The Baracus Bridges Program


The Baracus Bridges program is to designed to provide playing opportunities in the United States for international Rugby players. Through this program we hope to seek partnerships with international clubs to promote the sport of Rugby domestically and abroad.
The Baracus Bridges program offers a five month Rugby internship whereby international players will live in San Francisco from January until May while playing for the Baracus Rugby Club. Players who are selected for the Bridges program will be provided with travel arrangements and accommodations by Baracus Rugby Club, with the ability to earn additional income through various work opportunities while living in San Francisco. 
Baracus Rugby requires that participants in the Bridges program attend all trainings and matches when physically capable and make Rugby the primary focus of the time spent in the program. However, this will also provide a wonderful opportunity for players to explore the cultural amenities and diverse opportunities that San Francisco and Northern California have to offer.
The expectation for Rugby participation will be to attend trainings on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, team gym sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays, and matches on Saturdays. The season will consist of 12 matches, depending upon how far into the playoffs and National Championships team reaches.
We expect that bridges participants will contribute to the positive Rugby culture of Baracus and exert their best efforts to elevate our overall level of play.

To apply, please submit your Rugby Resume to

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